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Last Updated on February 13th 2020

Ticket Numbers

Have Ticket Numbers been Allocated?
Yes, they have now been allocated.

As we explained to you previously, we have various different types of entry (paid, free, earned, postal, etc) which were available to all equally. 

So we had no option but to allocate these internally this end. And as we had to switch payment systems halfway through the competition, this further complicated the task of assigning ticket numbers!

But we have now successfully amalgamated all entry data and assigned ticket numbers.
How do I access my Ticket Numbers?
Simply click on your share link that you were issued when you first registered for the competition. 

This begins with "" and contains an ID unique to you.

Clicking on this link will generate a list of your tickets in the competition and their numbers.

This list includes any free entries you may have from sharing the competition with others.

Share Link

Where is my Share Link?
The share link was automatically generated on your receipt confirmation page. This should have been sent out to via email (if you did not receive then check your Spam folder for an email from us or our referal system, UpViral).
What if I can't find my Share Link?
Don't worry - if your name is pulled as the Winner we will contact you!

When you registered you will have provided information like your Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, and Physical Address. 

So do not worry, we will use a combination of these to contact you.

However note that if we are unable to contact you within 21 days then we have the right to repeat the Draw in order to find an Alternate Winner. 

But for a 3 whole weeks we will attempt to find you and let you know the good news!


1 - Amalgamate the Data
We collate our competition user data from various entry sources:

- Both Payment Systems (Stripe, Sterling)
- Postal Entries
- Referal System 

and amalgamate into a single Master Spreadsheet, with a single row for each ticket.

We keep the original references in the spreadsheet so that any 3rd party auditor can track back to the original data source if required to do so.
2 - Check Data Quality
At this point we perform a standard 'sanity' check on the data to ensure that we have the correct numbers of paid users, free entry users, etc so that we know everyone is correct and present.
3 - Test the Data
We run random tests on the data, singling out ticket records in the Master Spreadsheet and checking back to their corresponding original records.

We perform this test for several hours to check that the amalgamation process has been performed correctly.

As this stage we will identify any test data and remove it, and look for any other anomalies that might cause a problem for any subsquent data operation (like apostrophies in name fields, for example).
4 - Assign Ticket Numbers
Now that the data is amalgamated and thoroughly checked, we programmatically assign Numbers to each row (ie. ticket).

5 - Import into Online Ticket Lookup
We create an online ticket lookup system which is 100% GDPR compliant, using the unique share URL.

This enables people to click on their competition "share" link (supplied to them when they registered for the Competition) and see a list of tickets assigned to them and their numbers.

But users should not worry if they no longer have their share link. We will attempt to locate the Winner over a 21 day period using whatever data we have for them (eg. Name, Telephone, Address, Email, etc).

We import these into Master Spreadsheet into the online Ticket Lookup and again run several hours of testing, continually referencing both the data in the Master Spreadsheet and the original source data to ensure that everything is correct.
6 - Draw via Random Number Generator
We will be using a pre-existing Random Number Generator which we did not create and is outside of our control.
The one we have selected to use can be found at which is one of the oldest & most reliable "True" Random Number Generators on the internet.

A group of volunteers present (including press and legal) will be invited to officiate, and:

(i) Inspect the Master Spreadsheet which contains all of the Entries in the Draw, and to check the total number of entries

(ii) Inspect & Test the Random Number Generator at for true randomness. They may test this multiple times (as many as they like) until they are satisfied that it is truly random.

Once everything has been checked, we will invite one of the  volunteers (most likely from the local press or media) to push the button and generate the Winning Random Number.
7 - We Contact The Winner!
Once the winning number has been generated, the volunteers look up the corresponding number in the Master Spreadsheet to verify the Winner's contact details.

If there is a contact telephone number for the Winner, then we call the Winner and tell them the good news (first checking that they are over 18).

We also email and write to the Winner as well (dependent upon the information supplied by the Contestant).

Audit Process

Correct, Transparent, and Fair.
We hold the values of Transparency & Correctness very highly, and try to be Legally and Ethically fair to all entrants.

We have worked hard throughout this Competition to ensure that people are treated correctly and with respect. You will note these values at work with our regular Facebook updates and information shared therein, and our fair decision to extend the competition deadline by 10 days after having been unable to process payments for 10 days (thus making the competition length the same).

This is why during the competition we have received zero complaints from the Gambling Commission, Trading Standards, Advertising Standards Authority, Local Authority, or any other organisation.
3rd Party Audit
If anyone wishes the challenge the validity of the Prize Draw or the underlying draw process then they are welcome to do so.

However this will be at their own cost and utilising a Professional Auditing Company on a list that we supply (available upon request).

This company will then be given full access to the online payment systems used to process entry payments, the bags of opened postal entries, and the online referral system.

We would expect a 3rd Party Audit company to take around a week to confirm that everything is in order, and that the user was indeed chosen correctly and fairly at random.