Win A Country Home

We hope to run a popular, fair, and legal competition. 

DRAW DATE - the competition has been extended by 10 days (following the 10 days of unexpected payment processing issues) in order to remain fair. 

Please check for full details.

The closing date is now Feb 10th 2020 1800hrs and the Draw will be made on Feb 14th 2020 at 12noon.

TECHNICAL - if you have a technical issue read the FAQ

RECEIPT - If no receipt comes through wait at least 48 hours and check your spam folder also, as we are sending a lot of emails and they may be queued for distribution. 

EMAIL - Most of the people that contact us saying they have not received something have used a different email address to register than the one they think. So please check all different address you have (and junk folders).

CHARGE - If you are worried that you have or have not been charged, first check with your bank/card company and make sure the payment is showing as paid not 'pending' (or it won't show up this end)

SHARE LINK - If you have a question about the share link or free entries via the share link then read the FAQ

OTHER - If you have a question about anything else please refer to the terms or the Winacountryhome main page

If you have read the above and STILL have a question then please contact us on the following email and we will try to get back to you.

However please note that this is now a very high volume competition so please be patient while waiting for a reply, thank you. 

However do not expect a reply if the answer is already covered above.