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3rd Sept - WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! 🏆🏆🏆

Sadly with ticket sales under the minimum it can’t be lovely Coles Hall that we’re giving away today. But it can be a serious amount of money that can change someone’s life for the better.

AND we managed to donate £10,000 to Ronald McDonald House Charities (UK) so give yourselves a massive pat on the back 🙏🙏🙏

And the winner is.....



🎉🎉🎉. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🎉🎉🎉

It took AGES to get Lyn on the phone and when we finally did she literally didn’t believe it! 

Finally a big THANK YOU for supporting the Winacountryhome competition. Coles Hall may not be as popular as we all hoped, but allowed us all to live the dream of living the country life for a while. Our best wishes to Josephine the owner as she moves down to her other house in Dorset.

And the charity has a much needed donation, in times when they have a 50% drop in donations.

One lucky winner - 🏆 LYN GARNER 🏆 - has won herself a life changing £154,000... not bad for £2!!

Mike x


UPDATE: And the winner of the Share Competition is...... MEL JOLLY FROM HEREFORD !!!!!!

Very well done Mel, and fantastic job of letting others know about the competition!   👏👏👏



Imagine owning a million pound Tudor Hall in the heart of the English countryside, either as your main home or as a second property for investment & rental purposes
Tickets are limited - get yours today!
Our last competition - Shrubbery Farm - appeared in many British newspapers as well as being featured on BBC and ITV

And was won by JEMMA NICKLIN, a 23yr old admin worker living at home with her parents in Bilston, Wolverhampton.

Find Out About Our Previous Winner!

We make dreams come true... for £2.

When everyone else is worrying about jobs, house prices, and what the rest of the year could bring, we bring you a ray of sunshine, a ray of hope. 

Just imagine for a second...

* Wouldn't it be great to own an idyllic country retreat an hour outside London? One that's worth a Million Pounds and has 5 acres of land, away from all the crowds?

* To have a £1,000,000 property under your belt that you could live in, rent out, or sell and just cash in?

Wouldn't that change absolutely everything for you and your loved ones?

Welcome to Coles Hall!

As you look out over one of England's finest landscapes, you know that you are one of the lucky ones. The air is clean and fresh. The stillness and tranquility remind you that you are in the very heart of the English countryside. Free, safe, and living the good life.

Coles Hall - actually a Grade II listed Tudor Hall - was originally an old IronMaster's house and is believed to have been built around 1537 during the reign of Henry VIII.  This magnificent home is built on the site of a Medieval Homestead situated on the High Weald (AONB).

Walking up the stone steps to the period house you can't believe it's actually yours! Everyone that comes into your new home falls in love with this idyllic country retreat. It feels warm and magical, steeped in history. Its 400 year heritage and English character exude effortlessly from the exposed beams.

You look out of your bedroom window and smile as you see the lambs playing in the fields. The wild ducks return to your pond year on year, to let you know this is their home too. 

But as you relax in your South-West facing garden enjoying the all day sunshine and taking in the stunning views of the South Downs, it's easy to forget that London is an hour away.

Not only do you own a £1,000,000 property an hour from The City, but it's one of the nicest and best located properties in the area... with such a history too! Not every house has a list of occupants from the middle ages (read here).

A 16th Century Tudor Hall set in 5 Acres..

For some Coles Hall is the ideal hideaway with its Inglenook fireplaces, Victorian sinks, and timeless atmosphere.  See where the Inglenooks have curved walls? That's where the cook used to sharpen their knives from a seat inside the fireplace, where everyone used to congregate in the evenings for warmth, light, food and companionship.

For others it's the perfect house for entertaining, with a formal dining room for intimate dinner gatherings, and sweeping lawns for *fabulous* outside Summer parties.

And so well situated too! The village of Heathfield is just 2 miles away with its Butcher and its Baker (alas not a Candlestick Maker anymore). And Supermarkets as well as a host of antique shops.

Meanwhile the Saxon village of Mayfield is a few minutes away also, and a wonderful 16th Century Inn - The Middle House - with its fine restaurants and four poster beds should you require more than your own 5 double bedrooms for guests.

Not forgetting that Central London is just over an hour by train, from a station a few miles from your door. Could it get any better?

And to think that you actually have the chance to OWN a home like this.. A LIFE like this.. for just £2. Unbelievable. 

Well don't blink, this is literally a 100% Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to live the Country Dream.

Jemma Nicklin won our last competition, could this be your turn?


The entry fee for the Prize Draw is £2 per ticket and requires you to answer a question about the area. 

You can also earn additional free entries by sharing the competition online. Once you've bought tickets we give you your own customised link to promote. So go for it and increase your chances of winning!

There's even an extra £5000 reward for the person whose sharing activity results in the most ticket sales! 

Tickets are still available, but do not miss out.


We allow free written entry by 1st class post, and all entries either paid or free will be treated equally.


The closing date for entries is  August 25th 2020 and the winner will be drawn electronically at noon on August 29th 2020 with press and solicitors present with winner notified by email and telephone.

The promoters hope to sell a minimum of 590,000 tickets in order to include transfer costs such as stamp duty and legal fees, and to complete any last minute jobs to ensure the house is as perfect as possible for the next owner. 

But if the minimum quota is not reached, the winner will be offered a massive 80% of the net ticket receipts after processing and admin fees - a seriously life changing amount of money. We hope you agree that's fair.


Win a English country cottage for £2
Registered charity number 802047 (England & Wales) SC040717 (Scotland).
This opportunity to be the charity partner of Win your Dream Competitions to win a country house will help us to keep on supporting families with seriously ill children in hospital when they need us most.

Thank you so much for your support – and good luck! 

 Vanessa Simmons – National Community Fundraising Manager RMHC (UK)

"Without people like her, these amazing charities wouldn't exist"

Could u pass a message on to Josephine Lisle please. Saying what a wonderful thing she is doing. Myself and my partner stayed with Ronald Mcdonald housing when our boy Barney was admitted for 6 weeks in Brighton. Without people like her, these amazing charities wouldn't exist.
Many thanks for your time ,
Stuart roberts
Win Your Dream Competitions Ltd (run by Mike Chatha) is very proud to announce our new charity partner Ronald McDonald House Charities UK who help families stay together when their child is seriously ill in hospital, by providing free accommodation and support in their Houses just minutes from children's hospital wards .

Mike is personally guaranteeing £10,000 to RMHC UK. But if we do well with the competition our goal is to donate over £120,000 to this wonderful organisation from this event. 

So please buy tickets for mums, dads, sons, and daughters and help RMHC help families when they need it most.

We'll be updating more in the coming days, but for now you can learn more about the wonderful work this amazing charity does below.

How Do I Know This Is For Real?

Well, have a look at some coverage from our previous competition!

won by Jemma Nicklin who bought two £2 tickets

Featured on ITV

This unique opportunity was filmed live and broadcast by ITV.  And the stats indicate that word reached the US with overnight sales coming from Canada and New Zealand too. 
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Mirror

Winacountryhome was featured in The Mirror on February 14th 2020 with "gobsmacked" winner Jemma.

Country Cottage for £2 anyone..? No Brainer!
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Daily Mail

Winacountryhome was featured in The Daily Mail on January 13th 2020

Lot of interest for this record-breaking prize draw!
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Sun

Winacountryhome was featured in The Sun on February 15th 2020 featuring the Winner, 23 year old Jemma Nicklin from Wolverhampton, who bought just 2 tickets at £2 each!
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Metro

Winacountryhome was featured in Britain's most read paper on February 17th 2020 and had 135.6m shares!

Clearly A LOT of people want to win this idyllic country retreat.

Featured on BBC News

Winacountryhome was featured on BBC News on 13th January 2020. They featured it twice on the News and had Winacountryhome promoter Mike Chatha back for breakfast on the red sofa too.

Now everyone knows they can win a dream house for £2.

Featured in Birmingham Live

Winacountryhome is also currently featured in the Birmingham Live as the owners of the farmhouse were originally from Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) and made the move to beautiful Shropshire after Sundays out with their little one (now 18).
Mike Chatha of also runs which is currently offering a beautiful £500,000 cottage in Sedgley in the West Midlands!

So, What Do I Get?

Coles Hall is a Grade II Listed Tudor Hall located in Five Ashes, Mayfield, East Sussex, set in 5 acres of land. It is THE perfect environment for raising a family in a friendly community away from the crowds and city life. It is located in one of England's finest landscapes, some 450ft above sea level. 

The nearest train station is Buxted, getting you to London Bridge in just over an hour (according to Trainline).

# VALUATION: The property was valued in Summer 2019 by a leading estate agent at just over a Million pounds. 

 As winner the property will be transfered to you free of stamp duty and legal fees - yours to live in, sell, rent out, start an AirB&B business... or just keep in the family for investment purposes. It could have DOUBLED in value in the last 10 years so is worth holding onto!

The detached freehold property was built c.1537 and is in good working order. It is suprisingly cheap to run, having free electricity provided from 4 kw of solar panels in the field, plus you also get the top Fits payment. 

Fully central heated (oil fired) with secondary double glazing throughout (EPC Exempt).

And there's a good supply of logs to fuel the 2 Inglenook fireplaces with wood from fallen trees on the land and seasoned for at least 3 yrs. 

To the rear are old barns previously used as farm barns to the house back in the day when it was a 150 acre farm.

Three fields away is a Farm Nursery School for little ones from 2yrs old.

Where is it?

The home is located in the centre of the beautiful area of Five Ashes in East Sussex, just over an hour south of London:
Coles Hall
Heathfield Road
Five Ashes
Mayfield  TN20 6JJ

You don't have to be local. Simply rent it out for thousands a month, or use it as a country retreat, or sell it!

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